An Innkeeper’s Tale

Blog, The Inns // admin // 24 July 2012

Lynda Logan never planned on becoming an Innkeeper. But, then again, Lynda is the first to admit that  she’s lead a “charmed life.” She remarks,“Whenever I’ve seen myself doing something, it has happened.” And attaining the the position of Innkeeper at the E.B. Morgan House was no different. “It just seemed right,” and “right” it has been for almost seven years.

The Library at the E.B. Morgan House

A dental hygienist for thirty years, Lynda then went back to school and become a public health nurse. She was working for the Visiting Nurses Association when she and her best friend visited the newly-opened E.B. Morgan House, celebrating her birthday and her friend’s new job. While visiting, Lynda was amazed by the beauty and “good energy” of the house. “I knew I would be perfect for the job and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else,” she reflects. One month, a couple of interviews, and much tenacity later, Lynda was hired as the Morgan House’s newest innkeeper. Lynda believes her career as a nurse, with its inherent commitment to people was the perfect preparation for innkeeping. “As a public health nurse, so much of what I did was to make things happen. Both jobs are about people, rapport, and relationship.”

Lynda’s love for her job and her sense of pride and stewardship for the E.B. Morgan House are clear when she speaks of the place. Her eyes light

Lynda and her co-innkeeper, Dale

up as she describes the mansion’s charm and beauty. “I can’t imagine myself not there,” she says. “Guests come back and they are like family to me.” She frequently wonders how E.B. Morgan would feel about his house and its current use. She wonders what would he think, if he could see it now, and know how much pleasure and comfort it affords its guests.” One can imagine he would be delighted by the love and attention Lynda lavishes on his former home — a place that, thanks to her care, feels like home to so many.