Beak & Skiff

Blog, Dining, Finger Lakes // admin // 16 October 2013

Danielle from Beak & Skiff Orchards and Distillery was kind enough to write a blog for us about her experience at our Harvest Party last week.

My day Friday began like most other weekday morning, a group of kindergartners came out to our orchard for their school field trip and I had the pleasure of telling them a little bit about what we do and how we get all those apples on the trees. The bonus for me this particular morning was that my daughter was among the visiting students.

After spending some time with her and her classmates (and a few of my mom friends) I had to switch gears and pack up to head over to the beautiful Aurora Inn for their Harvest Party. I had received a call from a pal over at Aurora a few weeks back and asked if we’d have any interest in having our spirits featured for the party… of course the answer was a YES! Great setting, amazing view, awesome food and wonderful people, how could we say no?! In a market with lots of choices it can be a challenge being the new guy on the block so when someone recognizes the work you’ve put in to making a really great spirit it means a lot and you don’t want to pass up a chance to tell people about it. Sure, Beak & Skiff has been known for growing the best apples and making incredible sweet cider for over 100 years but our 1911 Spirits brand is just starting to make waves so I jumped at the chance to spend a little time by the lake and show off our stuff!

I arrived at the Inn to find a wonderful menu of specialty cocktails featuring our products and was not surprised but certainly delighted at how wonderful they tasted! (I HAD to try know, for my research…) Carmela had crafted these recipes to give a fall vibe and play off the flavor profiles of our products and I would say she nailed it!

Being at the party really was a treat. I had the chance to talk to many different people, some who were already followers of our brand and others who were just finding out about it for the first time. It was great to get a chance to tell people our story and explain the craftsmanship we put into each bottle as well as hear them get excited about bringing some home to include in their own bar! The night could not have been better, food, music, drinks and good company. You can’t ask for much more.

The fall can be a very hectic time for my family. Apple Harvest is in full swing every day of the week and we often miss out on a lot of fall activities and events that happen in the area this time year. It’s usually about mid October I crave the ending of apple season so my family can be together again but as I was driving over to the Aurora Inn and looking at the landscape and the lake I realized I was pretty lucky. I started my day in the middle of an orchard with eager, wide eyed kids (with the bonus of one being my own!) who loved learning about what we do and was ending it with eager, wide-eyed grown-ups who loved learning about what we do. Pretty awesome.