Arts, Blog, Dining // admin // 27 February 2013

It’s a surprise that it’s taken us this long to write about Kinfolk. A swoon-worthy publication, Kinfolk is a beautiful magazine published quarterly out of Oregon, but staffed with talented writers and photographers from around the world. Described as ” a blueprint for a balanced, intentional lifestyle,” you want to jump on a bike and pedal down a country lane (well, maybe not in Central New York, in March… too much slush) or brew some tea and call your best friened for a quiet afternoon chat. Suffice it to say, it’s inspiring.


Besides, what best to speak to us here at the Inns than a publication focused on how to spend your time well? More than anything we (and I think I can speak for everyone here) love spending time with loved ones, eating amazing, thoughtfully prepared food, and guaranteeing for ourselves–and our guests–that each experience is as meaningful and as good as the last. Thanks, Kinfolk, for illustrating our priorities so artfully!

Photo by Michael Graydon, courtesy of

Check out their gorgeous trailer videos, too!