Style Round-Up, Aurora Edition

Blog, Finger Lakes, The Inns // admin // 24 October 2012

Alex and I are are beginning a new tradition on the blog–a style round-up of sorts. Each month, we’ll both take the chance to write about what we’re loving, craving, learning, and, in my case, drinking & eating (two of my favorite hobbies). Working at the Inns offers us an amazing chance to hone our tastes and share a lot of different experiences, so we thought we’d share them here, too!

If you’ve noticed a ton of autumn-related posts on Facebook, Twitter, and on here lately, it might be because I’m minorly obsessed…

Leading me to try recipes like this Roasted Butternut Baked Penne from the cookery blog, How Sweet It Is (well, not yet, but I do have tomorrow off!). How Sweet It Is, by the way, is definitely my new favorite cooking blog. A close second to Smitten Kitchen, in fact.

Oh, and also: boots. Right now I’m coveting anything Sam Edelman has ever released. Ever.


For some reason, fall always awakens the homing instinct in me, and toile always reminds me of my grandparents’ restored Colonial farmhouse where I grew up.



Last but definitely not least, a shameless plug for our neighbors at Heart and Hands, because basically my favorite thing in the world right now (and maybe forever) is their Barrel Reserve Pinot Noir.

Happy Wednesday!