Wedding Cakes 101

Blog, Dining, Weddings // admin // 14 March 2015

Our Pastry Chef, Megan, has been posting some awesome behind-the-scenes peeks from Dorie’s Bakery all week on their Facebook page! Be sure to check them out. But beware–you’re bound to start craving a sweet treat!


Martha Swann Photography

My boss, Trina, made learning to construct a wedding cake a “piece of cake”. They seem so daunting, but really, if you just keep consistent with your measurements and place proper support throughout, you really can’t fail.

It starts with baking two cakes per tier. Tape together two round cake circles for each appropriate tier. Trim your cake of choice to 1 ½ inches, which then gets cut in half. You end up with four layers equaling 3 inches per tier.

Layer your cake on the appropriate cardboard circle and fill the layer with approximately ¼ inch of your filling. A piping bag makes this easier and neater. If you pipe a thin ring of buttercream icing around the edge of your filling, it will stay between the layers and won’t bust out. You should end up with a height of 4 inches (including the height added by the cardboard circles. Chill completely.

Ice the cake with your buttercream icing. Using and offset spatula dipped in very hot water will help smooth out the sides and top. Pick a height for your tier that will be consistent for all the others (4-4 ¼ inches) and stick with it. Chill completely.

We use wooden dowels to support our tiers. Cut them with a mini hand saw to a height slightly taller than the tier. Put in enough dowels in to fully support the tier above it. If you make sure they are cut all the same height, having and even sturdy cake should be the result. Fill in the gap between layers with some icing and pipe a boarder where the tiers meet.


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