Behind the scenes at the Inns of Aurora

Dining during the 2018 MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale

Alex Schloop // 3 July 2018

The MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale is so much more than shopping — it’s a day of fun, community, and, of course, great deals! Don’t let the day end when your car…

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On the Water

Alex Schloop // 6 June 2018

There’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than spending some time on the sparkling waters of Cayuga Lake. Whether you soak in the sunset at one of…

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May is for Mom

Alex Schloop // 4 April 2018

Mothers support us, care for us, and bring out the best in us all year long. This May, we’re extending Mother’s Day to a month-long celebration filled with activities and…

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A Day in Auburn, New York

Bryan Peck // 1 March 2018

This city of history — home to Harriett Tubman, Theodore Willard Case, William Seward, and many more — is a year-round travel spot you don’t want to miss. With museums…

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Beer Tour Around Cayuga

Bryan Peck // 12 February 2018

The Finger Lakes are long known for their tradition of producing some of the finest wines, but many are unaware of the extensive hop history that makes the Finger Lakes…

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Maker’s March

Bryan Peck // 7 February 2018

Aurora is filled with and surrounded by passionate and talented makers — herbalists, potters, painters, book artists, cocktail crafters, and more. We’re excited to dedicate the month of March to…

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Valentine’s Week in the Aurora Inn Dining Room

Alex Schloop // 11 January 2018

Valentine’s Day is one our most favorite holidays to celebrate in Aurora, and especially in our dining room. Fresh red roses grace every table, the fireplaces glow with gentle…

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The Magic of Winter in Aurora

Bryan Peck // 11 January 2018

The Finger Lakes region has long been known for its summertime campfires, cookouts, and time spent on the lake — but each year we welcome winter with open arms. Hiking…

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Letterpress Print Your Own Holiday Card

Bryan Peck // 27 November 2017

Step back in time and experience what it was like to print the same way people did — and some continue to do — since the fifteenth century. Join us…

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What to do in December in the Finger Lakes

Bryan Peck // 27 November 2017

No need to wait for the magic of December to come from a clatter on your roof — we’ve laid out a list of events going on this December in…

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