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A Rowland House Hidden Gem: The Boardroom

EAmbrose // 24 August 2014

One of our “newest” spaces, the boardroom of Rowland House, can be easy to miss on a visit to the restored 1903 mansion. Tucked off to the side of the…

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A Taste of Summer Continues

EAmbrose // 20 August 2014

Last summer, we presented the inaugural season of our beloved Taste of Summer series. Like mini-versions of our amazing winter season wine dinners, Taste of Summer features local wineries…

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The Surprising Story of the Lobster Roll

EAmbrose // 11 August 2014

Several days ago, one of our favorite foodie-friendly publications, Grub Street, posted this article about the $25.00 lobster roll found at Grand Banks in Tribeca. Providing both a…

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The Three Little Inns

EAmbrose // 7 August 2014

Now that Rowland House has been up and running for several months, our team has been able to acquaint itself with the taste, feel, and mood of the house. Each…

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What To Eat Drink, Buy, and Do: Aurora Edition

EAmbrose // 1 August 2014

Every month, Bon Appetit posts a round-up of what to Eat, Drink, Buy, and Do. It’s a great idea–what better way to prioritize your month’s activities than by allowing tastemakers…

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AURORA INN Heart And Hand Winery Dinner 20130427GH

The Wedding Whisperer… still at it!

EAmbrose // 31 July 2014

Almost exactly three years ago, one of our first posts on this blog (over 200 posts ago!) was about our amazing Bride Whisperer, Heather Davidson. Heather has been with the…

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AURORA INN Holiday 101 Cooking Class and Dinner 20111108GH

Little Farms, Big Eats

EAmbrose // 21 July 2014

One of the best parts of summer in central New York are all of the veggies that seem to be sprouting up everywhere. Neighbors hand off cucumbers and zucchini to…

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For she may bloom

mdavis // 18 July 2014

We are lucky to live in and work in such a beautiful place. This time of year everything is in bloom and so happy. We earned this summer after a…

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Blessing of the Boats

Stayin’ Alive with AuroraFest

mdavis // 7 July 2014

This Saturday, July 12, Aurora is celebrating it’s 40th Annual AuroraFest. The weekend events kick off on Thursday, July 10 for the Blessing of the Boats at 6:00…

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Amenities in Aurora

aschloop // 30 June 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve made an appearance on our lovely blog–hello! It is official summer in Aurora, and from revamping Dorie’s Bakery, to opening the stunning…

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