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Nearby Colleges


The Inns of Aurora is conveniently located near some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities. Whether you’re a prospective student embarking on college tours over your summer vacation, a visiting family seeking boutique accommodations, or a nostalgic graduate looking to enjoy a luxurious stay near your college town, the Inns of Aurora offers you an ideal retreat near your chosen alma mater, all while nestled in the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes.

Cornell University

Only a 35-minute drive from Aurora at the base of Cayuga Lake, Cornell University is a premier Ivy League university. Unique within the Ivy League set, Cornell offers courses in every field. The university is set in the stunning setting of Ithaca, New York — with both waterfalls and beautiful parks and an urban, pedestrian core.

Ithaca College

Just five minutes down the road, Wells College is a nationally recognized, private liberal arts college. Founded in 1868, Wells provides a rigorous and relationship-based academic experience strengthened by the College’s emphasis on community, residential atmosphere, and dedication to hands-on learning.

Syracuse University

Founded in 1870, Syracuse University offers a broad interdisciplinary education that focuses on research and encourages lifelong connections via its global network. In addition to its rigorous academic programs, it also offers an array of athletic and extracurricular activities. Its expansive campus in the heart of Syracuse is located just one hour away from the Inns of Aurora.