E.B. Morgan House

Once the private residence of Colonel Edwin Barber Morgan, co-founder of the New York Times and American Express, E.B. Morgan House combines luxurious modern aesthetics with the unparalleled beauty of an historic stone mansion.

E.B. Morgan House offers seven stylish guest rooms, private marble baths, exquisite living spaces, gracious porches that overlook the lake and lawns, and an exceptional collection of original modern art. Guests are invited to enjoy E.B. Morgan House as they would a home, with the sumptuous comforts of the library, parlor, dining room and pantry.

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    E.B. Morgan House

E.B. Morgan House is ideal for private gatherings—from small weddings to executive retreats, holiday celebrations, family reunions, and dinner parties—and the entire house can be rented to accommodate such occasions. Our Executive Chef will join you to create a private dining experience like no other. Such group rentals also allow E.B. Morgan House to extend its hospitality to children under the age of 14. At other times, because of its intimate atmosphere, the house is best enjoyed in the company of adults.

Dramatic and enveloping, E.B. Morgan House is the perfect place to relax, refocus and celebrate.

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