Skillet & Embers Catering Co.

An innovative catering with southern flair, Skillet & Embers can make any guest feel at home.

Speckled with authentic, inherited recipes, Skillet & Embers’ catering menu offerings range from amped-up classics (like our Mac Daddy & Cheese) to creative fusion fare (like our sesame noodle and almond salad). With flexible service options, Skillet & Embers Catering Co. finds the perfect balance between superior quality and familial comfort. Clementine, our 12-foot traveling smoker from Texas, helps us produce the most tender, delicious barbecue this side of the Mason-Dixon line. You know the party has started when Clementine pulls into your backyard!

For more information, please give us a ring at 315.364.8885 or email us at